Toyota Prado TX Price in Kenya and Availability of Used Models: 6 Key Buying Guides

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Toyota Prado TX Price in Kenya and Availability of Used Models: 6 Key Buying Guides


Toyota Prado has established itself as a symbol of elegance and durability in Kenya. It’s one of the most coveted vehicle models owing to its versatility in both on-road and off-road usability. The great selling features of this model is the availability autonomous emergency braking including pedestrian and daytime cyclist intervention, active cruise control, lane-departure warning with steering assist, automatic high beam, and airbags.

This guide aims to equip you with vital insights into the intricate Prado market in Kenya, with a specific focus on unraveling the Prado TX price in Kenya and delving into the realm of used Toyota Prado for sale in Kenya. By understanding these key buying guidelines comprehensively, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision that resonates with your preferences, requirements, and financial situation.

1. Understanding Prado TX Price in Kenya

Prado TX is renowned for its exceptional performance and luxurious features and comes with a dynamic price range in the Kenyan market. Various factors contribute to the varying price points, including the model year, overall condition, and mileage. Local dealerships present a spectrum of Prado TX models, ensuring that there’s something for every discerning buyer.

To help you make an informed decision on purchasing a Toyota Prado, we shall compare the various models in Kenya and their price range and also compare them with the price range of the imported Prado models from Japan. Below is a table showing the price range of Toyota Prado in Kenya.

Prado TX in Kenya (year)Price range (Ksh)  
20165,800,000 ~ 6,100,000
20176,500,000 ~ 6,800,000
20187,350,000 ~ 7,700,000
20197,900,000 ~ 8,300,000
2020Contact for price
2021Contact for price
2022Contact for price
Price range of Toyota Prado TX in Kenya

2. Local Availability of Used Toyota Prado for Sale in Kenya

In Kenya, the Toyota Prado has etched its name as a reliable and versatile companion on the roads. The local market boasts a selection of used Toyota Prado for sale in Kenya, each carrying its own unique set of features and a corresponding price tag. It’s undeniable that these options hold their appeal.

However, in the quest for making an astute choice, it’s crucial to venture beyond the familiar terrain and explore avenues that could lead to even more advantages.

If you want to explore Toyota Prado in Kenya, you can visit their service centers in their various branches depending on where you are located. Their service centers are located in Nairobi, Wetlands, Nyeri, Kisumu, Nyeri, Ngong Road, Eldoret, Lodwar, and Nanyuki. In these centers, you can check availability of Toyota Prado and any other models that matches your needs and functionality.

Amongst these places, Mombasa is the most visited place by car buyers in Kenya due to high competition, wide range of models to choose from and many dealers with different terms that can suit various buyers. However, if you need a specific or latest Toyota Prado TX models from Japan, it’s easier to import directly from Japan since you can find them at relatively lower price as compared to the models available in Kenya.

3. Exploring Used Toyota Prado Options from Japan

The prospects of importing used Toyota Prado TX from Japan extends far beyond costs and quality. In addition to the potential financial advantages, importing opens up a world of diversity. There are three major variants of Toyota Prado; Prado TX is the base model and the cheapest Toyota Prado you can obtain and they are available in 5-seater and 7-seater.

Prado TX-L is the mid-level model that strikes a balance between cost and functionality and available in both 5-seater and 7-seater. Prado TZ-G is the most luxurious model of the three models as its high cost comes with improved functionality, quality and versatility.

A broad spectrum of models, trims, and features become readily accessible, offering you the unparalleled opportunity to curate a Prado that’s tailored to your exact specifications. This element of personalization often translates into a more gratifying and fulfilling driving experience.

4. Prado TX Price in Kenya vs. Import Expenses

There is some substantial disparity in Prado TX price in Kenya and the imported models owing to the logistics and the shipping costs. The Prado models available in Kenya is relatively high since the importation duty has been paid out. The other factor that varies the prices are the year of registration and general car condition.

Here is an overview of the prices of Toyota Prado TX cars when imported from Japan to Kenya

Prado TX in Japan (year)Price range (Ksh)
20165,490,000 ~ 5,685,000
20176,105,000 ~ 6,300,000
20186,980,000 ~ 7,130,000
20197,480,000 ~ 7,520,000
2020Contact for price
2021Contact for price
2022Contact for price
Price range of Toyota Prado TX imported from Japan

By importing a 2019 Toyota Prado TX from japan to Kenya, you can save between Ksh 420,000 to Ksh 780,000 which amount to about 5-10% cost saving on the cost of the car. In the pursuit of the perfect Prado, understanding the difference between costs is crucial.

While local purchases may initially appear straightforward, the realm of costs extends far beyond the price tag. By conducting a comprehensive evaluation that compares the Prado TX price in Kenya with the costs associated with importation, you’ll gain a holistic understanding of the financial implications of each choice.

5. Used Toyota Prado for Sale in Kenya

There are various reasons why people go for used Toyota Prado compared to new car models. First, if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford the latest expensive Prado TX in Kenya, then there is a need to consider importing used models from Japan.

Used Toyota Prado’s allows one to experience the top Japanese car models without paying for its original price which create a good value for money. Used Toyota Prado models is suitable for car enthusiasts who prefer to purchase Toyota Prado models instead of purchasing other new car makes within the same price range.

When you work with a reliable car dealer in Kenya or an exporter from Japan, they can help you identify a Prado TX with same feel and quality as a brand new model. Renowned importers pride themselves on a meticulous inspection process that guarantees the vehicles adhere to stringent quality benchmarks. This commitment to quality instills confidence in the investment and assures buyers of a vehicle that’s both reliable and well-maintained.

6. Making the Right Choice: Local vs. Import

The decision-making journey between selecting a locally acquired Prado TX and an imported counterpart hinges on numerous factors. It necessitates an introspective exploration of your preferences, financial considerations, and unique requirements.

The decision on whether to import or buy a used Toyota Prado is attributed by personal preferences. If you need your car sooner with no much procedures of going through the waiting time and logistics required during the importation process, then purchasing the cars locally is a great alternative as long as you don’t mind incurring a higher cost of purchase.

On the other hand, importing a Prado TX from Japan to Kenya requires some patience. You will be required to wait for a week or two for the car importation process to complete. In the import process, you will need to be in touch an exporter in Japan who will handle the logistics and paperwork required in Japan.

When your car arrives, at the port of Mombasa, you will then pay for import duty and transportation from the port to your desired destination. For your waiting time, you will be rewarded with a vehicle of high quality and a lower cost compared to the locally available models. if you want to learn more about importation of cars from japan, read this tip for successful importation of used cars from Japan to Kenya

However, with a reliable car dealer in Kenya, you don’t need to worry about anything as they will help you import your car hassle-free. The advantage of working with car import dealers in Kenya is majorly due to their prowess in the import process and their links with reliable exporters who will select the best car that suits your needs.


As you venture into the Prado TX market in search of a new or used model, keep in mind that knowledge is the compass guiding your journey. Mastering the ecosystem of Prado TX price in Kenya and embracing the possibilities of importing ensures that you’re equipped to make an informed choice.

In terms of cost, importing Prado TX is cheaper than purchasing similar car model in Kenya. Seeking the services of a reliable car dealer is important in ensuring a smooth car import process. Whether you embark on the path of a local purchase or consider importation, the ultimate goal remains constant – owning a Toyota Prado that embodies both luxury and performance on the vibrant roads of Kenya.

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